Japanese cat ears hair tutorial 



What to wear with lip tints

What to wear with lip tints


Topshop crop shirt
$34 – topshop.com

Cotton shirt

Distressed shorts

Circle skirt

Vegan boots
$40 – ilovestonefox.com


D.I.Y cushion foundation

So cushion foundation is all the rage now a days.

For good reason too: It’s portable and handy. It usually is an all and one product that contains BB, CC, foundation, primer, anti aging and Sunscreen. 

So what’s the issue?

Well there aren’t a variety of shades. Korea is leading in beauty right now so it’s no surprise that that’s where this product came from but since Korea really loves pale skin darker shades are hard to come by.


laneige a Korean beauty company has come up with more shades

And so has Étude

But what if your skin is even darker 

Well there’s Sephora’s Lancôme cushion that has a nice variety  

However it’s very pricy as most other cushions are 30-60$. The refills are about20-30$ 

After some thought and finding a tutorial on YouTube by MeeJmuse. 

I figure just make your own 🙂

  1. Get a compact with a mirror and then some space at the bottom 
  2. Then fill your compact with what ever BB or CC that you want
  3. Next get a sponge that’s great at absorbing preferably a circular sponge
  4. Tip:scrub compact with alcohol and water to keep clean and make sure you do this first 

You can even purchase D.I.Y cushions there’s one I saw on this really awesome site call Memebox (pronounced Me- Me) 
Then your done pretty much. MeeJmuse tutorial 

And here’s the link for Memebox 

And it’s only 9.00$

Memebox DIY cushion

Things we can learn from Japanese fashion magazines #1

So this magazine is called ViVi

And I would say it’s quite trendy in terms of fashion for 18-27 year olds.

Now although I prefer to be the trendsetter and not the trend hopper I can always use a little help coordinating 

For July 2015 here were some things that  I found to be tres amusant 

 For budget reasons I don’t do brand names, but I love taking some ideas. Brown pleather shouldn’t be too hard to find, and black mesh dresses are everywhere. 

This section even talks about how to massage your face while cleansing. I’m sure a handful of you can’t read Japanese but it’s all in pictures just pay attention. 
And my favorite the make up tips/hair tutorials :

“No Make up” make up is trending in Asia right now so you’ll see many colors and products that help to give off the natural effect. 

I may post a tutorial if anyone wants 

So yes this is ViVi and I will post a link on where to read these magazines 

Vvshu sight for reading Japanese magazines

So this is my first post

I’m not really sure how to start this but, I’m a new blogger and I love fashion. But not just any kind of fashion. I’m obsessed with Asian street fashion, Japanese street fashion in particular, but I am open to others.

I love Asian pop culture but don’t worry I’m not a weeb. I get most of my inspiration from Asian pop music, magazines, and movies. I hope you can join me along my creative journey.image